About Isabella

Initially, Isabella was a product designed for use in hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic. The solution provided by Isabella was simple yet powerful. Given a few pictures of a space, e.g. a hospital room, Isabella can determine the layout of the space and identify all objects within it. Isabella can then produce a floor-plan using Artificial Intelligence which organizes the space to best suit you.


As the world slowly begins to re-open, social distancing will become more critical than ever. Isabelle can facilitate your re-opening, with specialized floor-plans designed to comply with social distancing and keep everyone safe.


At Isabella, we understand that a space can be used in many ways. By simply adjusting parameters, Isabella is able to produce a floor-plan that is tailored specifically to your needs, be it social distancing or optimization.


Initially, Isabella was designed to optimize space in hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, Isabella's applications are extremely varied. From classrooms to factories, Isabella is able to best organize your space to meet your needs.

Our Team

Tracy Qian

Team Director

Burhan Ul Tayyab

AI Developer

Chiara Figazzolo

Business Development Manager

Elisa Figazzolo

Business Development Manager

Marcos Vinicius

Frontend Developer

Selena Liu

iOS Developer

Joseph Goh

Web Developer

Chang Su Lee


Frequently asked questions

Isabella works through applying Machine Vision and Machine Learning to images of a space. Firstly, an algorithm is used to estimate the location of the rooms, as well as the layout of the room itself. Then, our algorithm determines the best layout based on the inputted parameters.

Isabella is available on the app store. Anyone can download the app, create an account, and use our services.

The Isabella team can be contacted by clicking the button below or by emailing the following address: 

Social Distancing is a critical tool in keeping ourselves and those around us safe by mitigating the spread of COVID-19. Social distancing is done by staying 2 metres apart from people and not congregating.

Isabella is a space management app available on both web and iOS devices.